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Love's Thrilling Dimensions

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Arabic Love Poetry from the Desert

The Complexity of the Irregular Verbal and Nominal Forms & the Phonological Changes
in Arabic

The Essentials of the Strong Verb in Arabic

A Study if the Assimilation and Substitution in Arabic

The Phonological Changes due to the Hamza and Weak Consonant in Arabic

The Basics & Intricacies of Arabic Morphology

A Study of Arabic Phonology

Causes and Principles in Arabic

Arabic Proverbs and Wise Sayings

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Arabic Love Poetry from the Desert

Product Description

The main body of the present book is a presentation of 62 Arabic poems in the original from the 7th century of the work of Qays b. al-Mulawwah (d. 688), also known as Majnün Leyla “the one who was mad about Leyla”. Each Arabic poem has an English translation on the facing page. The English text has footnotes referring to comments that are placed at the end of the work. The poems tell the story of Qays’ love to his cousin, Leyla bint Mahdıy (d. 688), better known as Leyla al-Amirıya, and provide insights into themes that were prevalent in the ashar al-ghazal al-udhrı "platonic or virginal love poems" during the Ummayad era and onwards. A consuming passion emerges from the versions that have inspired countless of people more than 1200 years ago and throughout the centuries.


By Sarah Dean

This is a beautifully put together book that will give the reader the opportunity to read the versions in the original Arabic language and in English. The poems are arranged in such a manner that they tell the story of Qays and Leyla in an engaging manner.
I myself enjoyed very much the themes of these ancient Beduin Arabic poems.