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A Study if the Assimilation and Substitution in Arabic

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A Study of the Assimilation and Substitution in Arabic

Product Description

This work is a comprehensive study of two well-known phonological changes in Arabic: the assimilation and the substitution. The assimilation involves the incorporation of a certain segment into an adjacent one in such a manner that they both form a doubled segment. The segments can either be identical or different. This phenomenon occurs usually in the doubled verbs and their forms and in some cases of perfects of Form V, VI and VIII. It also occurs in some other more unusual cases as in two words following each other. The substitution involves the replacement of a segment for another different one. It occurs if there is in the word a combination of two segments which is deemed as heavy, or if both these segments' points of articulation are close to each other or if they are akin in character. Other more unusual reasons relate to the peculiarity of a dialectal variant, to a verse's metrical exigency or to the exigency of the pause. This book explores in detail many various cases in which these changes are possible, necessary or forbidden. The phonological elements, the theoretical discussions and the coverage of the different works from the 8th century until our days, offer a thorough and accessible study for both the students and researchers of Arabic.


By D. Lynn "David"

This is a very detailed and scientific analysis of two linguistic phonological changes that can affect the word in Arabic: the first one is known as the Assimilation and the second one as the Substitution.
This assimilation occurs most commonly in the doubled verbs, which have two identical letters in their forms, e.g madada "to stretch" that becomes madda. It also occurs in some perfect verbs of Form V, Form VI and Form VIII and in two words following each other. In these cases, the words can have two identical or two different letters in their structures. The condition for the assimilation is that the letters should originate from one common point of articulation or from two points of articulation which are close to each other.
The substitution of one letter for another occurs in a word if there is a specific heaviness in it, which among other things, could be caused by the disliked combination of two letters or by a specific vowel vowelling a letter.
Akesson has thoroughly explored most of the cases in which these linguistic phenomena occur by presenting and discussing a rich data of examples and theories and by referring to well-know linguists from the 8th century until our days.
All in all, this is a great study and readable book for those interested in exploring the basics and intricacies of Arabic phonology.

By W. Hane "William"

This study reflects deep knowledge in the subject of Arabic phonology. Two important phonological changes that can affect the word in Arabic are studied in detail. The first section of the work deals with the Assimilation and the second one with the Substitution. Why, when and how do these phenomena occur are questions that the author deals with skillfully all through the study. The reader will become acquainted with the data, theories and big names in the field from the 8th century until our days.
The work is definitely worth purchasing and having in one's library.

By Robert Awd
This volume brings together an amazing mass of information. It is exceptionally well-researched and documented and the presentation is clear and well-organized. The table of contents is divided into separate easy-to-find sections, which will direct the reader to the specific paragraph that interests him or her. The numbered sections all through the work follow a similar pattern, which make the book easy to use.
The study covers practically most of the established basic facts about the Assimilation and Substitution and the more intricate and less known ones.
This is a great work that sheds light on many different phonological topics.

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