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The Complexity of the Irregular Verbal and Nominal Forms & the Phonological Changes
in Arabic

The Essentials of the Strong Verb in Arabic

A Study of the Assimilation and Substitution in Arabic

The Phonological Changes due to the Hamza and Weak Consonant in Arabic

The Basics & Intricacies of Arabic Morphology

A Study of Arabic Phonology

Causes and Principles in Arabic

Arabic Proverbs and Wise Sayings

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The Essentials of the Strong Verb in Arabic

Product Description

This book investigates the class of the strong verb by presenting and analyzing its morphological forms. The verbal forms are the perfect, imperfect, imperative and energetic verbs and the nominal ones are the infinitive noun, active and passive participles and the nouns of time, place and instrument. It also provides a survey of the theoretical structures by covering different topics that have been taken up in the most representative works of the Classical period from the 8th century until our days, such as the root, the additional segments, the question of the origin of the forms' derivation and the undeclinability of the perfect and imperative and the declinability of the imperfect and noun. The linguistic elements and the coverage of the different works offer a rich and complex picture of the Arabic language and make it accessible to both students and researchers of Arabic.


By D. Lynn "David"

The Essentials of the Class of the Strong Verb is logically presented and organized. Every section deals with a specific verb or nominal form and covers a broad range of topics.
The study is comprehensive and technical in nature and can also be used as a reference source. The reader will learn how the verbal and nominal patterns are formed and be directed to many classical works from the 8th century and onward. The theories are presented in an accessible language and shed light on the data.
I can highly recommend this book.

By W. Hane "William

"The Essentials of the Class of the Strong Verb in Arabic" introduces the reader to different methods of linguistic analysis in the area of morphology. It fills a gap by introducing advanced theories and delving into the words' patterns. The detailed index in the beginning facilitates cross-references and the division into different sections facilitates its use.
It is definitely a very well organized research tool with a wide variety of topic
" - that's

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