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The Phonological Changes due to the Hamza and Weak Consonant in Arabic

Product Description

This work offers a comprehensive overview of the phonological changes due to the hamza and to the weak consonant. For this purpose it focuses specifically on the complexities of many words pertaining to the classes of the hamzated and weak verbs. In many of these cases, the hamza or weak consonant can be alleviated or retained. Other phonological particularities can also affect the words' structures. The extensive data, the techniques of the phonological analysis and the references to the different works from the 8th century until our days, offer a thorough and accessible study of both these linguistic phenomena for both the students and researchers of Arabic.


By D. Lynn "David"

"The Phonological Changes due to the Hamza and Weak Consonant in Arabic" studies two important phonological changes that can affect the word in Classical Arabic. One of them concerns the words with a hamza in their structures and the other one the words with a weak letter. The words with a hamza pertain to the class of the hamzated verbs and the words with a weak letter pertain to the class of the weak verbs. These classes of verbs are considered as irregular by comparison to the strong verbs, and as such their words are affected by specific phonological changes.
The book is very well organized with its table of contents and numbered paragraphs and the data sheds light on many issues in the field of morphology.
I can highly recommend it.

By Andrew Heaney (CA)

This is an excellent study about the changes that occur in the words which have a hamza or a weak letter in their structures. The theories and rules are withdrawn from the classical Arabic linguistic tradition and presented with rich examples and references to ancient and modern linguists. The index and numbered paragraphs facilitate cross references and the references stimulate for further research.
Highly recommendable!
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