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Love's Thrilling Dimensions

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The Essentials of the Strong Verb in Arabic

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The Phonological Changes due to the Hamza and Weak Consonant in Arabic

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Love's Thrilling Dimensions

Product Description

A journey of love, awareness and transformation

The poems in Love's Thrilling Dimensions are written to stir the heart and soul. They seek to search for a connection between memory, thoughts, feelings, sensory experience and reality. They explore such universal themes as the longing for love, the awakening of wonder, the magic of encounters, the uniqueness of journeys, the ambiguity of a few existential questions and the different changes that can occur in the inner and outer landscapes. The readers witness mostly the alchemy, power and triumph of love in a transforming and spiritual journey of discovery and are invited to contemplate its significance in their own.es.


From Irene Watson, author of The Sitting Swing for Reader Views

What a wonderful book of poetry to touch the heart, deepen the spirit, and stir up the emotions! Joyce Akesson, gifted poet and extraordinaire, puts into words not many have the talent to achieve.
Her writing is clear, profound, and creative, while at the same time poignant.

From Lauren Victor for Feathered Quill Book Reviews

At a fundamental level, the collection explores the many dimensions of love and what it is to be human. Akesson travels through hopes and fears in the face of love, yet she also delves into existential questions that many readers will appreciate. She easily flows between asking, "Are we playing at something/or are we doing it for real?" and more figurative concepts like that of Chaos who "sometimes glares at the world/while smoking his cigar." There are many moments like these that grant depth to her work beyond the surface features of love.
... Ultimately Love's Thrilling Dimensions is an enjoyable float through well-crafted phrases, appealing cadence, and expressive emotion. Akesson shares truths about life and love in a way that reflects modern life and is embraceable by modern audiences.

From L. Holm, author of Fairytales for Femmes

Through a variety of poems Joyce Åkesson manages to bring the different aspects of love into light. She observes the mechanisms and feelings of first love, separations, longings, passion; "This heartless thief named passion." (Passion); memories of an old love, love secrets. Moments of tenderness in a marriage; "Life is beautiful and it is warm outside." (At the Harbor Restaurant) are contrasted with memories of war, tragedies barely touched, only hinted at; "They say that the first floors are safer than second floors." (Moving backwards in time)"

And, another very moving refection on war and love and family ties:

"And I already feel sad
For the disappointment
That I shall see in your eyes
When you will figure out
That the one you miss the most
Has chosen not to return with us" (The Disappointment)

The poems move back and forth in time; recollected, tasted, relived, recreated, reconstructed in the labyrinth of memories, connected in mysterious ways, beyond time, beyond reason.

What makes a particular memory stand out and glow; what makes it so special?
Why do we make the choices we make; in love; in life?
Joyce Åkesson gives no answers, only clues; clues that will make you keep thinking ... I promise!

"Love's Thrilling Dimensions" is a fascinating collection of poems; a deep reflection on life, war, love, and the subtle mechanisms of memory and I strongly recommend it!

From Drew Laughlin, author of Expect Success

This book is a fascinating collection of poetry that is so well written you can't help but lose yourself with each poem.    
My favorites, among many, are "Passion", "The Journey" and "Good Morning". This book is a perfect mix of love, romance and even heartache.

From Danielle Barkhouse author of The Expat Arc

Wow! This is a beautiful book of images and words. My favorite (so far) is 'At The Crossroads' on page. 23.

"But home is far away
and I seem to have lost
both my compass
and my way."

The writing feels like it's coming from a personal place and makes the reader feel privileged to have a glimpse.

From D. Heatherly author of A Pirate Captain's Guide To Leadership: How To Turn "Workplace Pirates" Into Motivated And Productive Employees

Love has to be the most talked about, sung about, and written about subject in human history. How can a poet still find something to say that's original, yet relevant - substantial, yet accessible? I don't know, but Joyce Akesson does.

"Dimensions" is truly the key word in the book's title, as each piece focuses on a different aspect of love from a unique (and sometimes surprising) perspective. Yes, one of those aspects is the romantic relationship and its many nuances, but there is so much more - attraction, acceptance, desire, friendship, belonging, giving . . . living.

Each piece beautifully worded to stimulate the mind, touch the heart, and feed the


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