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The Invitation

Arabic Love Poetry from the Desert

Majnun Leyla: Poems about Passion

The Complexity of the Irregular Verbal and Nominal Forms & the Phonological Changes
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The Essentials of the Strong Verb in Arabic

A Study of the Assimilation and Substitution in Arabic

The Phonological Changes due to the Hamza and Weak Consonant in Arabic

The Basics & Intricacies of Arabic Morphology

A Study of Arabic Phonology

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The Invitation

Product Description

The poems in The Invitation deal with emotional, metaphysical, surrealistic, existential and philosophical questions. They reflect over the state of being, encounters, relations, truths, individual and universal themes and aim at expanding the human self-expression and awareness. The human experiences and universal truths are discovered through the imagination and the opening up of the subconscious mind.


Lana Deym Campbell, painter and poet.

"The Invitation" is a bewitching, compelling break from the ordinary. The words seduce, dance, in Socratic manner, woo spirit's deepest drives to question beyond the borders of the linear self. The exploration is magnificent, masterfully led by a poetic seeker who waltzes through veils and layers that bewilder most. It does not matter what philosophical, cultural or religious background you have. You are free to disagree with what a moment is. The Invitation's ecology moves, touches, teases epic and epicurean nourishment. All are welcomed to this brilliant banquet of budding, blooming queries, linked as flowers at midnight, with Akesson's stellar, silvery shine.

By Melody Lemond, author of Sea Moon Poemshapes

I view each of these insightfully poetic pieces with the reverence of one who is open to absorbing the wealthy perspective of a soul divinely sparked to delve gently into the depths of her own experience to bring forth gem after inspiring gem. And I am not disappointed. Rare it is that we are invited to get to the crux of all matters in an enjoyable ride. Unadorned by trend, "The Invitation" is exactly this. There is a celebration here of the tool of language well mastered. One enters, absorbs and is enriched.

By L. Holm, author of Fairytales for Femmes and Clonehead

Poetry must be approached gently with all our senses and faculties attuned to the melody of the words and the message behind them, because poetry speaks to all our senses in a language of its own; a language beyond the ordinary.

"The Invitation" invites us to a landscape within the author's mind, as she observes what is, and what might have been, in her profound and humoristic reflections about the ordinary and the extraordinary aspects of life.

In "Past and Current Potential Lives" Joyce Åkesson tries to imagine past lives, and then she wonders how her life would have been, had she made other choices in life. Why do we make the choices we make?

In "Traveler" there is a strong sense of loss. Loss of self, loss of autenticity, loss of joy?
"I lost my sense of time.
I lost sight of the railroad tracks
which led to my childhood's home."

Some of the poems are expressed as hypnotic, almost drum-like statements,
or as repetitive questions; as "Searching for a poem", "The Adventurer," "Eyes", "Intrusions",
"Complexities", "Longing", "Fire", "Drive", "Memories";
while others like "Conflict" paints a Bergmanesque scene where the couple wonder if they will ever be able to love each other again.

In "Questions About Love", "Some go and come", "The Secret Mirror", "Love's Essence" and "In Spinoza's World", Joyce Åkesson explores the eternal questions about the essence and the different aspects of love:
"to be reborn
through someone else
-with eyes closed-"
and how the world would look if we could not feel any deep passion.
"Love is the Master and the Path."

In "Reflections", "Soul and Body" and "Possibilities" Joyce Åkesson reflects masterfully about life and "the awareness of living".

"The Invitation" will leave you smiling, filled with awe and joy and wonder. It will invite you to look at life and love and everything in between a little differently and you will be very glad you accepted the invitation. Every time.

By Jess C Scott, author of Eyeleash: A blog Novel

The poems are written with great lucidity and introspection. I especially liked "INTRUSIONS" - a skillful piece with a powerful message [the last line - you can check it out for yourself ;) - that's the message I got through my own personal interpretation].

Poetry is sexy. In our present day of IM-ing and blogging and twittering, it's evident that succinctness and precision are important elements, in the conveying of ideas. Which you will find in abundance, in The Invitation.

By Samantha Reader "Sammy"

This was a wonderful read for me. The 53 poems drew me in with their different themes about what makes life worth living for, like the awareness, imagination, expectation, dreams, sublimation, encounters, interactions, drives and philosophical and mystical contemplations.
I like very much these verses in The Art Of Living:

"There is a talent in finding
the right information at the right time,
a happiness in pleasing someone else.

Love is the best teacher in this journey.
It is simple:
you take the initiative and throw the dice."

In this book, I have found a new author to enjoy and I look forward to reading her other works.

By Jane Cole "J. Cole"

This collection is witty, frank, philosophical, sentimental, edgy and accessible. I was particularly drawn to the poems "The Invitation" "The Substitute" and "Waiting for Godot" which I found intriguing and original. "The Adolescent Orphan" and "Conflicts" depict situations from real life and are human.
There is something for everyone here.
If you're looking for poems that are witty, complex and yet accessible, this is definitely the book for you.

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